The Company

The company was founded in 2009 to meet the needs of entrepreneurs for consultancy, as well as chemical analyzes and expert opinions. ChemProf provides consultancy as a permanent service as well as one-off orders. The ChemProf offer is tailored to the individual needs of customers. The company’s mission from the beginning is care for customers, which is reflected in continuous development and innovation. All orders are carried out reliably, supported by the results of analyzes made on top-class equipment.

The company specializes in solving problems in a wide range of chemical technology, food and feed technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmacy, as well as chemical, biochemical and microbiological analysis. Thanks to cooperation with scientific and research centers and scientific units in the country and abroad, we are ready to carry out advanced tasks. Signed contracts provide us with access to any advanced equipment. We develop and we implement processes and unit operations on a pilot scale.